Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I usually don't make my own "birthday cake", but this year was different. I decided to celebrate with my students. We lucked out, and our class had won a pizza party for the day of my birthday, so I made dessert to go along with it. Being that my favorite color is pink, I wanted to frost my homemade chocolate fudge cupcakes with bright pink butter cream. While making the butter cream, I decided it would be nice to make lime green butter cream too (mainly for the boys in my class - I just knew some of them would say "PINK?") Away I went with the decorating! I even mixed the two colors on a few cupcakes and they had a "tie-dye" look to them. The funny thing is most of my boys wanted the pink cupcakes in the end! Check out my birthday cupcakes for my big 27th birthday!

Pink and Green "tie-dye" cupcake


Mrs. O said...

How cute!!! Chocolate cupcakes sound really good right now. These look good enough to eat from the computer screen. LOL! Happy Birthday!!!