Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday To You!

After all of the birthdays, I am finally uploading the new pictures! Over the last month, I have done 3 birthday cakes all for special ladies! The first was for Emma's 9th birthday party. Her theme was polka dots, so I created a two-tiered cake with marshmallow fondant, full of polka dots using the colors from her party napkins! The bottom tier was my chocolate fudge cake with butter cream and the top tier was red velvet cake with cream cheese. YUMMY!

The next cake was for Madelyn's 9th birthday party. Her party was a "Peace" theme. This cake my homemade pound cake with bright pink butter cream. It was topped with a tie-dye fondant peace sign and tie-dyed fondant flowers. Peace!

The last birthday cake was for a co-workers birthday. She was going to Disney World to celebrate her birthday, so she wanted to share a cake with her students. This cake was also my homemade pound cake with light pink butter cream (chosen by her daughter) and adorned with yellow butter cream flowers.

I just love making everyone's birthdays special!


Michelle said...


Madelyn's cake was EXACTLY what she wanted! Thank you!!! I was so glad she chose your pound cake. It was SSOOO good! Thanks for making Madelyn's day so special!