Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jewelry Parties

A friend was hosting a jewelry party and wanted a cake to indulge in. I went with chocolate fudge cake and vanilla buttercream covered in hot pink and black zebra print fondant. A huge fondant diamond ring adorned the top of the cake.

Emerson's 1st

An old co-worker asked me to bake a GIANT cupcake and decorate it in pink and green for her sweet Emerson's first birthday smash cake. Bow and polka dots in pink and green were the decor for this girly girl! Who wouldn't love a giant cupcake!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Teacher of the Year

While baking one night, I decided to put together one more cake for a dear friend of mine. My friend Jenn received the honor of "Teacher of the Year" for our school. She is an amazingly dedicated, hard working teacher deserving of so much! She loves my cakes, so I put together a little something just for her and she didn't even have to share!

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Unfortunatey when you are the baker, you end up making your own birthday cake. I decided I wanted a pair of flip flops and even brought them to work to share with my co-workers and students!

Rocket Ships and Outer Space

Another fabulous 1st birthday cake!!! I think 1st birthday cakes are the most fun because the creative juices are flowing and nothing beats a 1 year old tearing into a cake! This cake was for a St. Patrick's Day baby with a rocket ship theme. The party guest cake was a big ol' rocket ship ready to fly into outer space, while the smash cake was a round version of outer space with the moon and stars.

Classic Cakes

This classic birthday cake was a strawberry cake with cream cheese icing.....simple and delicious!

Woof Woof

A co-worker of my husbands called me one night and asked if I had the time to bake an extra cake for a surprise for my husband. Of course I said YES! My husband is a fireman, as you all know (and if not, the name Firehouse Sweets may have given you a hint), and was being transfered to another station. The guys love to play jokes on one another and tricked my hubby into eating dog biscuits. Now I know most people know what a dog biscuit looks like and wouldn't eat one willingly (I hope), but these dog biscuits looked just like lemon cookies so anyone might have eaten one. I was asked to make a cake look like a dog bone, so I did. Of course I even colored the icing a nice shade of brown like the real bones and added a dog collar with the number 17 for his new station. The boys got a real WOOF out of this! The cake stated: It will be wuff without you!!!

Pink, Purple, Bows, and Bibs

A very good friend asked me to bake her baby shower cake, so of course I said YES! Once again I was given free reign on the design. Knowing the babies room would be purple butterflies, I decided against the normal baby shower themed cakes and decided to match the nursery. The cake created was a purple butterfly which would match the nursery theme to the tee!

UPDATE: Baby Layla is the cutest baby ever!!!!

Calling All Divas!

I was asked to make a birthday cake for a co-workers daughter. Theme: Girly, Diva, and Purple! HELLO artistic control! My first thought was a purple zebra cake! Next came the details....bows, purses, and cosmetics!

A Pirates Life for Me!

I LOVE receiving messges saying "please contact _____ because they would like to order a cake from you". Oh how those messages make my day! I received a message from my husbands aunt telling me that a friend of hers needed me to call her about a cake and cake pops for a 5th birthday. The best part was the theme....girly, hot pink pirate skulls! Who would have thought!!! Pirate Skull cake pops with hot pink bandanas and hearts were made for the little girls classmates and then a pink pirate skull cake was made for the party.


A fabulous mom asked me to bake her son's birthday cake. She gave him free reign on the design, so he came to me and asked for a Pikachu birthday cake WITH Pikachu on top. He also wanted strawberry so we settled for pound cake with strawberry buttercream....YUMMM!!!!! The birthday party was held at the bowling alley on base and of course mom went all out with decorating the room to go with the cake theme! Nothing is better than a bunch of 8 and 9 year old kids loving the cake, and the parents too!

Black History Month

February is dedicated to celebrating Black History Month. At the school where I teach, we celebrated daily by learning about many of the people that have impacted us. At the end of the month, we celebrated with a luncheon. I was honored to be asked to bake the cake for the occasion. My brain starting racing with all of the different things I could do. I chose to create a stack of three books since books are the key to learning about our history.

Be My Valentine!

Well, it's only been 3 whole months since Valentines Day, but here were the 2011 Valentines treats:


WOW!!! I sure have been absent from the blogging world. I am sorry to everyone that has been waiting on my updates on those edible works of art. I have been so busy baking and teaching that I let my blog go...haha! Now its back to work! My goal is to have you completely updated by the end of the weekend! Don't forget to check out for more information!!!