Friday, January 21, 2011

No More Monkeying Around - It's a 1st Birthday Celebration

I get super excited when I am handed a challenge. This was my first official 1st Birthday cake, which is exciting in itself, but I was asked to make a monkey. This was not any ol' flat monkey cake. They wanted a monkey sitting up, so I started planning months ahead! I had never carved a cake before or made anything like this, so the ideas were just flowing. The cake chosen was my yellow cake with strawberry buttercream. The cake was actually pretty easy to make once I got carving away! The body was made from stacking 5 layers of cake, while the head was made from a ball shaped pan. The arms, legs, tail, and ears were made from rice krispie treats so that they were light, especially the ears so they wouldn't fall off! The party was a "Winter" themed party for a New Years Eve baby girl! To incorporate winter into the monkey, I made a hot pink scarf from fondant with a matching bow! The smash cake was also yellow cake with strawberry buttercream, but was made into a snowball. It was covered in white buttercream and sprinkled with white chocolate carvings to symbolize snow! Happy Birthday Paisley!!!